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The Founding members of Endevor have been rocking SouthWest Florida's music scene for over …..a….. really long time….. let’s say a lot of moons….. well you get it. We founded Endevor in 2008 while kicking around the need to play as much music as time would allow. Over the next few years the band went through some changes with several musicians and friends looking for that chemistry needed to progress to the next level; we jammed with many true professionals and wound up with a great cast of characters, (musicians and friends) that is the pulse of the band today

Cast of band members:

Jesse Kormony     Bass Guitar/Lead Vocals/Acoustic Guitar

Ed Sierra             Rhythm Guitar/ Vocals/Bass Guitar

Timm Harrington      Percussions

Sam Richrdson    Lead Guitar/Back Vocals  

The bands influences are based off a wide variety of classic/new rock styles; stretching across many decades “70’s to current” To many great musicians & musical influences to list; those of you that know us best and those of you yet to know us; well get it once you’ve heard us. We try to deliver the tunes that you may hear often; however never hear being played live; unless you’ve been to see those artists, maybe we bring back a memory or two of….back in the day….you know! Recently we have incorporated four original tunes that we mix into each and every set; the positive responses we are receiving is very, very much appreciated….With that said, look for some of; well all of these songs to be recorded and released within the upcoming months.

Endevor will continue to Rock southwest Florida with your continued support; you are all very much appreciated by the band! We look forward to seeing you out at our next gig.

Look forward to hearing what you have to say on our up and coming live post! Till next time; Rock On!

We Love you all!!

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